how im sposed to beat the pussy up now im too interested in the aesthetics of the art


This is an old pic I took of one of my friends. We went to the sea, and she told me her boyfriend broke her heart that day. And oh god oh god she was so sad. She took off all of her clothes and jumped in the water without saying a word. I watched her swimming so far and then coming back. When she walked out she sat near the water and I took this picture of her. I’ll never forget her.

this is beautyfull

18kt skull carved with an Australian fire opal brain.

Finished this one while enjoying a Harry Potter filmfest on the weekend. Which seemed appropriate.

it’s finally happening


How to use sand to freak people out

Imagine if some guy was tripping and saw the woman, runs up to help her and she just crumbles apart in his hands. That’s gonna take the trip south.